Getting Help

How to Get More Information

To enable debug logging for Envoy, send the following request to the admin interface, which is included in the bootstrap, or configured separately in the case of a custom xDS configuration.

GET /logging

You can also pass these flags to the Envoy binary:

-l <string>, --log-level <string> --log-path <path string>

It will set both the log level, and the path in which your logs are stored.

How to Get Help

The Envoy community is active, and lives on Github, as well as several mailing lists, and a Slack team. Find out more by visiting the contact section

When talking to other users and maintainers on Slack, be sure to clearly identify your issues, the steps you've attempted to remedy each one, and provide any pertinent logs. As a very developer-friendly environment, help abounds. The other users you will encounter are at a variety of experience levels with Envoy, but everyone wants to collaborate to make Envoy better. Have fun with it.

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